Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack

About Us

We are five guys from Canada and USA, we are already coding mobile app hacks since 2012. In 2014 we decided to make our hacks public. Our goal is to create as many mobile game hacks as possible.

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If you want to start the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack you have to click on the "START HACK" button. You can find this button on different parts of this page. After you have clicked on the button, you will be redirected to the hack page.

Enter information

After you have been redirected, you will see, that you have to enter information like your username and operating system. Your account information is safe and will never be shared with other people, you are completly anonym while browsing our pages!

The verification

After the hack is finished with loading, you will see that a free verification is required. You will find a video tutorial where we show you how you can complete the verification fast and for free. The verification only takes around 2 minuts. You are required to complete a free verificaton because that way we can avoid spam bots which would slow down the website.


After you have watched the video tutorial and completed the verification, you simply have to restart the game once. After you have restarted the game, you will see that the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack was successful.

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100% Safe

With our hack you dont have to be scared to get banned. We guarantee that your Harry Potter Wizards Unite account wont be banned, if you used our hack. We use many different security systems to secure your account. In the last four years noone has received a ban with one of our game hacks.

Free of charge

You can use our Harry Potter Wizards Unite hack absolutly free! We sometimes put some ads on our website to fund our projects

Easy to use

It is super easy to use our hack, the steps are self explaining, but even tho its so easy, we still created a video tutorial for you to show you how you can complete the verification.

Many updates

We are updating our hacks often and atleast once per month. Every two months we are creating a hack for a new mobile game.

Very fast

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack is super fast and simple! In only takes around three minuts till the hack is done!

Experienced programmer

All team members are experienced software programmers, we have always loved to create hacks for personal use in our free time, few years ago we have decided that we make our mobile game hacks public and free to use for all people!.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack

Niantic which is a studio that is specialized in augmented reality mobile games is also the creator of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which got released on iOS and Android phones in 2019. Niantic is the main Studio that is working on the app, but generally it is a cooperation between Niantic, WB Games San Francisco and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. Niantic already created a very popular AR mobile game in 2016, so it was most likely that Wizards Unite will be very popular too. Wizards Unite is a mobile game about the Harry Potter world with characters like Harry Potter, Hermine Granger and Ron Weasley. You are walking around with your smartphone, on the screen you can see the area around you, like a map. On the screen you can see enemies, stores, arenas where you can fight other players and much more stuff! With this game you will explore your environment a lot which is not just limited to your neighborhood. You can play the game all around the world, and everywhere you go it will be possible for you to explorer new stuff and find other players. Most cities have any kind of sight worth seeing places, at places like this you will find even more other people, which also play Wizards Unite! Because most of the time you can find very good equipment and upgrades for your character at places of interest, so there will be many other players too! With our hack there is no need to invest real money, you will safe alot of money and time with our Wizards Unite Hack